Global Competitiveness Economy

Focus Areas: Agriculture-post harvest processing & value chain, Industry-Product driven ecosystem reforms, Technology, Innovative practices

Relevant Indices: GCI

Team: Abhijit, Alen, Jyotsna, Kirti

Human Development

Focus Areas: Health, Education, Skill development, Innovative practices, Well being & Happiness, Rights based approach

Relevant Indices: HDI, HALE, EDI, KEI


Sustainable Development Goals

Focus Areas: Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development goals and monitoring, Inclusive growth Relevant Indices: Sustainable development index

Team: Subrata

Governance & Public Service Delivery

Focus Areas: Policy reforms & regulations, Public finance, E-governance, Innovative practices, Process Reengineering and public service delivery

Relevant Indices: Ease of doing business index

Team: Arushi, Tulika, Amrita, Sathia

Natural Resource Management & Sustainability

Focus Areas: Climate change, Disaster management, adaptation, Climate finance, Water efficiency & Security, Innovative practices

Relevant Indices: Sustainable cities index; Water Efficiency Index

Team: Namrata

Urbanization & Infrastructure

Focus Areas: Infrastructure funding & asset management, Capacity building of ULBs, Innovative practices

Team: Namrata


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