Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Vision 2029 Labs

The Labs exercise is expected to bring together the key stakeholders of the respective sectors, analyze the current situation and its root causes, develop solutions and ideas, and produce a detailed implementation programme to achieve the desired outcome. It was conducted in an intensive and robust environment with the involvement of all stakeholders i.e. government, private sector, NGOs, academicians, field practitioners etc.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) signed an agreement with the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), established under the Prime Minister’s Office, Malaysia on 15th December 2015, to assist GoAP in delivering big and sustainable results in some of Andhra Pradesh’s priority areas.

Priority areas of the state chosen for the Labs exercise were

  • Phase I - Education (Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education) and Retail (Organized, Unorganized and Supply)
  • Phase II covered Governance (Public Service Delivery, Government Revenue and General Procurement & Public Private Partnerships) and Urban Development (Housing, Connectivity, Basic Infrastructure and Services and Funding Models)

PEMANDU conducted Phase I of the Labs where in Education and Retail Labs were conducted during February- March 2016. On conclusion of these labs, a 10 members team from the Vision Management Unit was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office, Malaysia for training and knowledge sharing on the Labs problem solving framework. Post-training, PEMANDU and VMU conducted the Phase II of LABS on Governance and Urban Development Labe together during July- August 2016.

The Governance lab is divided into three work streams-Government Revenue, Government Procurement, and Public Service Delivery.

FDDSFS is a key sector for Andhra Pradesh for job creation and attracting investments. In January 2016, Andhra Pradesh became the first state in India to launch a retail policy, thereby indicating the importance of retail sector in the state's development agenda. Additionally, an estimated 67% of Andhra Pradesh's GSDP sub-sectors are retail related, with services being the main contributor. SHGs, with 87 lakh women or almost 50% of the state's adult women population as members, play a key role in retail. There are over 1,00,000 MSMEs in Andhra Pradesh, with more than 50% involved in retail related sectors. Thus, initiatives to boost the retail sector become a vital component in the development of the state.

Overall Aspiration targets and KPIs for the Governance lab:


a) Increase of state own tax revenue by 24% from INR 44,423 Cr to INR 63,825 Cr
a) Increase of state own tax revenue by 21% from INR 63,825 Cr to INR 78,899 Cr
b) Reduction of outstanding arrears by 30% from INR 1,966 Cr to INR 1,376 Cr
a) Increase of state own tax revenue by 71% from INR 78,899 Cr to INR 1,34,903 Cr
b) Reduction of outstanding arrears by 35% from INR 1,376 Cr to INR 892 Cr


a) 75% of government tender via e-procurement portal
A)50% of high value projects monitored annualy
a) 85% of government tender via e-procurement portal
b)75% of high value projects monitored annualy
-100% of government tender via e-procurement portal
-100% of high value projects monitored annualy

Public Service Delivery

a) Public satisfaction rate at 60%
A)80% applications resolved within SLA
a) Public satisfaction rate at 75%
b)90% applications resolved within SLA
a) Public satisfaction rate at 85%
b)95% applications resolved within SLA

Government Revenue - Initiatives

  • Street Survey & VAT Registration Drive
  • Revision of License Fee & Reduction of Margin for Licencees
  • Establishment of Exploration Wing with Advanced Surveillance Technology
  • M-Book Online Implementation
  • Creation of Database of Land Records with e-Verification
  • Joint Audit Syste
  • Creation of Market Value Fixation Unit within Stamps & Registration Dept
  • Real-Time Sales Invoice Compliance System
  • Repositioning of Excise Stations in Hotspot Areas
  • Strengthening of Vigilance Wing in Mines & Geology Department
  • Amendment to Revenue Recovery Act to Enable the Recovery of Arrears
  • Delegation of Authority for Issuance of No Objection Certificates (NOC) for Mining Leases
  • Re-classification of Goods Subject to VAT
  • Amendment to s. 73 Indian Stamps Act to Grant Authority to Audit Commercial Establishments
  • Mandatory OTC Tax as a Pre-requisite for other Land Approvals
  • Automatic and Continuous Process for Fixation of Procurement Price for Liquor and Beer

Government Procurement - Initiatives

  • APIA to streamline & strengthen PPP processes in AP
  • INCAP as transactional advisory provider for all PPP projects in AP
  • Establish Procurement Cell under Dept. of Finance
  • Streamline of Rules, Codes and GOs
  • Strengthen AP e-procurement end-to-end process
  • Expansion of scope for Project Management Unit and Quality Controls wings in 5 key departments

Public Service Delivery - Initiatives

  • Back-end Automation of Services
  • MeeSeva Transformation
  • Integrated Monitoring Command Centre of all Police Stations
  • Multi-access Channel for Services
  • Supply-Demand analytics for fertilisers
  • Continuous Professional Development for Civil Service
  • Performance Management Improvement
  • Institutionalise Real-time Feedback System
  • IT squad
  • Awareness on Government schemes and services to the public

Impact of the Initiatives

Government Revenue
INR 6,622 Cr additioanal tax revenue in 2016/17
INR 44,893 Cr cumulative contribution of lab initiatives in 2020
Government Procurement
Streamining of over 1,200 government orders
PPP – MoU from CII summit & PPP cell INR 2.96 lakh crore worth of investments
Public Service Delivery
745 (100%) of government services available online.
Increasing MeeSeva users to 2.0 Crore (100% increase)
1.4 Crore farmers lives improved.