Vision Management Unit

For the day to day management of vision programmes and projects and to coordinate actions among all concerned stakeholders from within the government and outside private sector and civil society players in terms of planning, implementation and monitoring, GoAP established a Vision Management Unit under the Office of the Member Secretary, Vision Governing Board (Chief Secretary to the Government). The Vision Management Unit will be mandated to catalyze bold innovations in public and private sector services, support institutional strengthening and capacity building of government departments in planning, delivery and monitoring of development schemes and public services and provide an independent review of performance of government in delivering the vision's "Inclusive Governance Programme and the "Globally Competitive Economy Programme."

Vision Governing Body

At the apex level, GoAP established Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Vision 2029 Governing Board under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister for steering and mentoring implementation of the vision and providing it a leadership. The other members of the Vision Governing Board will be:

  • Ministers in the State Cabinet
  • Chief Secretary to the Government-Member Secretary
  • Secretaries of all Concerned Line Departments
  • Director Vision Management Unit-Convener
  • Advisory Group of experts of national / international repute-invited members
  • Additionally, the Vision Governing Board, over time will include other invited members from other vision private sector and civil society stakeholders.

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