Why Does Your Vote Matter?

Your voice will be part of a global vote that will shape the future vision of Sunrise Andhra Pradesh. Your vote matters because you have a say in the transformation story of Andhra Pradesh into a developed and globally competitive State

Choose 5 issues that matter most to you & your family?

Gender* Age* Education* State: Andhra Pradesh
1 Quality Education
2 Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation
3 Quality Food
4 Affordable & Nutritious Food
5 Affordable Housing
6 Uninterrupted Power
7 Protection from Crime & Violence
8 Reliable & Affordable Health Care
9 Robust Social Security Net
10 Access to Technology & Smart Living
11 Protecting Natural Habitats & Access to Clean Environment
12 Better Transport & Roads
13 An Honest & Responsive Government
14 Better Jobs & Employment Opportunities
15 Protection of Democratic Rights

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